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Official 2024 Rules:

1. The definition of ‘Finding The Spine’ means being the first person to touch the spine once the treasure hunt begins!

2. If you’re the FIRST person to find (touch) the spine, you’ll automatically win $2500.00!! In order to qualify for the full $5000.00 payout, you must find (touch) the spine wearing an Official 2024 “Find The Spine” T-Shirt.

3. By purchasing and/or winning an Official 2024 'Find The Spine' shirt, you qualify to win $5,000 if you 'Find The Spine' while wearing the shirt. Shirts are available for purchase starting Monday MARCH 11th at 5:30pm at the Kanab Center. They will also be available once the event starts, at select sponsor locations for $10.00. (limited qty of kid and adult sizes available-don’t wait!)

4. If you believe you’ve found the spine, you must immediately submit photo evidence clearly showing you, holding the spine where you found it as proof to qualify.

If you are trying to qualify for the full $5,000 payout and are therefore wearing an Official 2024 ‘Find The Spine’ shirt, your photo must clearly show you, in the said shirt, holding the spine where you found it as proof to qualify.

Make sure your photo of this event is clear because absolutely no exceptions will be made if there is any uncertainty on your attire.

5. If you 'Find The Spine' you must immediately call (801) 497-6482 or (435) 922-6269 to notify the event representatives. You cannot leave the site, then return. Take your pictures for evidence, (as stated in rule #4) then, call the respective numbers and hang on to the spine and wait for further instructions given via the phone conversation.

6. If you are found cheating, you forfeit all winnings. There is a camera on the spine to document any and all events.

7. There can only be one winner. In the event of a dispute over who found the spine, all parties will be eliminated immediately.

8. By participating in the 2024 Find The Spine hunt, each individual will assume any and all liability that may occur during this event.

9. To reiterate: Grow Chiropractic, along with all of the 2024 Spine Sponsors are not responsible for any injuries sustained or legal issues that may arise while in pursuit of the spine.

10. You must be 18 years of age or older or have a parent/ legal guardian with you when you 'Find The Spine'. If you prefer to hunt alone, you may hunt without your parent/legal guardian with their signed consent form, prior to hunting for the spine.

11. The Spine is subject to verification. Any counterfeit attempt will disqualify you from any current or future contest participation.

12. The winner is solely responsible for any applicable taxes from winnings paid out from Find The Spine or the 2024 Spine Sponsors.

13. Winner must return the spine to a 'Find The Spine' representative in order to redeem their prize. The spine is the property of Grow Chiropractic.

13. Grow Chiropractic and all of the 2024 Spine Sponsors reserve the right to use and distribute images, voice, and likeness of 'Find The Spine' participants and winners.

14. If you break any law—i.e. trespassing, vandalism, littering, destruction of property (vehicles, homes, landscaping, fencing, water features, etc.)—while in pursuit of the spine, you are automatically disqualified from all current and future promotions and are responsible for any fines, charges, etc that may be given to you. We do not promote or condone any illegal activity.

16. The Spine will not be hidden within 50ft of any commercial building or residence.

17. Drones and trail cams are prohibited while participating in "Find The Spine". If you are found to be using one or have someone use one for you to avoid repercussions, you will be automatically disqualified and banned from future events.

18. To qualify for the femur payout, you MUST be wearing an Official 2024 'Find The Spine' shirt.

According to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the following actions are necessary to have a safe and successful outing with a minimum impact on the environment:

1. Follow the Leave-No-Trace Principles

-Plan ahead and prepare

-Travel and camp on durable surfaces

-Dispose of waste properly

-Leave what you find

-Minimize campfire impacts

-Respect wildlife

-Be considerate of other visitors

2. Follow Tread Lightly Respect and Protect Tips for Cultural Sites

-Leave artifacts

-Don't add to rock art

-Don't climb on ruins

-Keep pets leashed near sites

3. If there are any questions concerning regulations on Kanab Field Office administered lands, please contact the Kanab BLM office at (435) 644-1282. After hours or immediate questions involving possible law violations you need clarification on can be directed to John Sims 435-689-1554.

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